Exotic Animal Dentistry

The mission of the Peter Emily Foundation is to provide advanced dental service for the benefit of captive animals located in facilities in the United States and abroad.

In Dr. Emily’s words, “unfortunately, animals in shelters, sanctuaries, and lesser zoos are often forgotten, discarded victims of human neglect. Due to their captivity, many of these animals suffer from oral problems such as fractures of the tooth due to cage biting or prior human abuse, periodontal disease, and tumors. Providing veterinary dental care should be a vital part of every animal’s health care, as untreated oral problems can lead to serious systemic problems; for example, heart, liver and kidney disease.”

Dr. Eisner serves as the President of the foundation and volunteers his time to provide veterinary dental care for captive animals. He has worked on primates, lions, tigers, bears and other mammals.  His veterinary technicians, Trudy and Kathy, serve as quartermasters and provide logistical support for the foundation. Dr. Eisner, in 2017 became a Founding Certificate Holder of the American Veterinary Dental College – in Zoo and Wildlife Dentistry (AVDC-Certif ZW)

For additional information, please visit PeterEmilyFoundation.org.