Fall 2016

It’s been a busy Fall season for our dental team at VCA Highlands Ranch Animal Specialty and Emergency Center in Highlands Ranch, CO. In September:

1. Dr. Eisner and Kathy Pershing led 2 teams of Veterinary Dentists Without Borders volunteers on a mission of the Peter Emily Foundation to the Lions, Tigers and Bears Sanctuary in Alpine, CA, outside of San Diego. They performed root canal therapy and oral surgery on a Bobcat, 3 tigers, 2 Mountain Lions and a Grizzly Bear named “Cherry Bomb”.

2. Trudy and Kathy also taught at the Colorado VMA State Conference, in the Dental Extraction and Dental X-ray positioning Laboratories, in Loveland, CO.

3. At the national Annual Veterinary Dental Forum in Minneapolis, MN, Dr. Eisner gave a presentation on the Key to Successful Veterinary Dentistry.

4. At the same conference, Dr. Eisner also received from the national Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians, a Glass Sculpture in appreciation of his 10 years as a mentor during the organization and formation of the Academy as it gained international recognition as the cutting edge epitome of organized veterinary technician specialists under the umbrella of NAVTA (North American Veterinary Technician Association).

5. The Veterinary Dentists Without Borders program of the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation is going, once again to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, IN on October 15 & 16th to perform advanced level dental care for some of their 300 rescued big cats who reside comfortably for the remainder of their lives on several hundred acres of forested land.