Spring 2017

This Spring, our dental department at VCA Highlands Ranch Animal Specialty and Emergency Center in Highlands Ranch, Colorado has been in full swing. Our referral procedures often take 2 or 5 hours to complete and we can schedule 2 or 3 cases each day. Our procedures include: 1. Periodontal treatment for gum disease, 2. canal therapy to save important fractured teeth, 3. Orthodontic adjustments to correct painful malocclusions, 4. Surgical and non-surgical repairs of fractured jaws, and 5. Surgery to remove oral cancer. It is very rewarding to see the rapid favorable mental and physical improvement of our canine and feline patients after successful dental and oral treatment.

Now that the weather and roads throughout the nation are more accessible, the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation is scheduling dental missions for completion in 2017. In February, Trudy joined 2 Teams of the Veterinary Dentists Without Borders arm of the Foundation in Keensburg, Colorado, at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in successfully performing root canal therapy and oral surgery on 2 Grizzly Bears and a male African Lion. Plans are being made to travel in the good weather seasons to five more licensed wild animal sanctuaries in Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Minnesota and Texas.