Summer 2016

The Summer of 2016 has flashed by, and we’re approaching Fall, busy as ever.

Charity Work. This year our Dental Team, comprised of Dr. Eisner, Trudy and Kathy, at VCA Highlands Ranch as attended several PEIVDF Missions to Sanctuaries and zoos in Indiana, Colorado and we’re about to go to the Lions, Tigers & Bears Sanctuary outside of San Diego, CA. Dr. Eisner, as Mission Leader, and Kathy as Senior Quartermaster, will join 8 other veterinary dental missionaries in San Diego on Saturday September 10th, providing advanced dental services for 2 or 3 Tigers, 2 Cougars and possibly a Bear, Oh My! Root canal therapy and oral surgery will be performed, as needed, ensuring comfortable longevity to these needy critters: Bon Appetit; a tooth, like the world, is worth saving.

Family life. Dr. Eisner and his wife, Coralee spent two weeks scuba diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and visiting the endangered Orangutans in Camp Leakey, Kalimantan (Borneo). They also spent two weeks relaxing in Maui, and now have just finished remodeling a guest bathroom in their home. Trudy has been making improvements to her home, too, and is heading out to Houston for a week to visit family and friends, and Kathy, who has also been busy with home upgrades, will be spending a week in Hawaii this Fall.

Our Dental Department is always busy, repairing fractured teeth and jaws, and performing periodontal surgery and oral cancer surgery. Our case outcomes have been very successful and come from referrals throughout Colorado and the surrounding states of New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Montana, and even as far away as Alaska. Kathy and Trudy have been teaching dental radiology at clinics; Kathy throughout the West, and Trudy in Colorado, while Dr. Eisner is preparing lectures for the Annual Dental Conference in Minneapolis and others in Las Vegas this Fall.

Visit us on Facebook where we post interesting dental cases every week or two, and please call us first, (303) 740-9595, if you need a dental assist for your family pet(s).